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Gift cards: Treat someone to an unforgettable break at a VAMED Vitality World resort

Give spa vouchers in the form of high-quality gift cards. Select the classic gift card featuring a water or multilingual design. The gift cards are redeemable across all VAMED Vitality World spas and health resorts on a wide range of services.

Gift cards

(can be credited with any amount starting from EUR 20.00)

  1. Gift Card motif water

    Gift Card
    motif water

    The high-quality gift card featuring the classic water motif is as chic as it is stylish. And with it your recipient is gifted an unforgettable retreat.

  2. Geschenkkarte im mehrsprachigen Design

    Gift Card
    motif multilingual

    The chic gift card featuring the multilingual motif makes it the ideal present for any occasion. And with it your recipient is gifted an unlimited relaxation.